Keeping the Faith During Financial Hardship

It isn’t anything new that our economy nowadays is, for the most part, shot. Some days, it seems better than others, but in reality, if you aren’t in “millionaire” status, money can get pretty tight. I know exactly how you feel, but eventually things will get better. All it takes is a little hard work, and a little faith that things will eventually turn up in the end.


I can relate to the feeling of “empty wallet syndrome”. We both work full time jobs, although mine is work from home, and we still have to cut corners each paycheck just to get by. Times are tough, not to mention that it is so easy for debt to rack up. A couple helpful hints that come in relation to managing your debt will help in the long run, and allow you to begin that life of financial freedom for you and your family.


We never get credit cards, and never plan to. They are not the best piece of plastic to own, and they make you believe you have all this money when in reality, the minute your hand touches it, you are essentially in debt. This idea allows us to only by the items we truly have money for or have saved up for, and it makes those items seem like money well spent when we finally can buy them too!


We also have been working our booties off to get rid of almost all our debt by the end of this year. It sounds like a daunting task, but it is super easy if you follow a snowball effect. Pay off the smallest first and work your way up. I have a super organized system that allows me to keep track of how much we pay off each month, and the numbers are always so great to see. Once you get that debt somewhat under control, it allows you to really begin saving your hard earned money, and that is a reward in itself.


It can be hard to even imagine a life without debt and financial hardship for many families, but you have no need to worry. It takes baby steps to get everything in check and on the right path, but it is such a relief when you begin to finally see the results. Taking those steps for your family is so worth it, and if you keep the faith that things will indeed get better, then nothing can stop you.