Keeping the Romance Alive After Having a Baby

A new baby brings big changes to your life, necessitating new routines and the abandonment of many common habits that you’d grown accustomed to. Keeping the romance alive after having a baby can be tough. For that first month especially, every moment is devoted to taking care of your baby and ensuring that their needs are met. This can easily leave you and your partner exhausted and looking forward to when your baby will adopt a regular sleep schedule and learn to self entertain even for just a few minutes at a time. Unfortunately, this makes it easy to forget about each other.


With these three tips, you can help maintain the important intimacy between you and your partner, making sure that your relationship remains strong.


Romance isn’t just for the night.


Too often, by the time the baby has fallen asleep for the night both of you will be too exhausted to even think of anything other than getting a few hours of sleep before the baby wakes up again. This is why taking advantage of available time when you have it is so important. Baby just went down for an afternoon nap? Sounds like a perfect time to spend with each other.


Make time for each other, even if you have to schedule it.


While it may first seem awkward and unappealing to schedule a time for sex, if you don’t consciously make time for it then it is very likely to be forgotten with all of your current responsibilities. You may surprise yourself by finding that you end up looking forward to that scheduled time for romance -increasing your arousal and making that shared moment more enjoyable.


Remember the small things.


All of those little things that you and your partner used to do for each other are so important to continue to do, especially now that there’s a little person demanding so much of your time. By maintaining those small gestures of love and kindness, you reaffirm in both your minds that you still love and care about each other and that life isn’t just about the baby -even though it may feel that way most days.