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Life After Loss of a Child

For parents, dealing with the death of a child is undoubtedly the most difficult thing they will ever do. In reality, you absolutely feel like there is nothing in your life that will ever bring you joy again and in many cases, you begin to question why you are even still breathing. Parents who outlive their children often feel as though they have outlived their usefulness. This is especially true for any parent that has dedicated their entire life to taking care of their children, largely at the expense of their own interests and activities. For these individuals, their children are their entire world. Loss of a child can make it feel like a parent’s world has disappeared in an instant and like there is no reason for them to continue to get out of bed in the morning.


There is certainly no doubt that once the shock wears off, an unmistakable and unfathomable amount of anger and disbelief sets in. For some people, this can last for months and for others, it last for years. The reality of the situation is that the pain will never completely go away. With that being said, it is also possible to find purpose again when enough time is given to allow it to happen.


If you are dealing with the loss of a child, the first thing that you have to do is reach out to someone. Whatever you do, don’t try to deal with the situation on your own. Reach out to other family members, friends or a church group. It is equally important that you seek out some type of therapy and attend it regularly. This can help you sort through your feelings in a way that is extremely beneficial. When you feel like you are capable of putting one foot in front of the other again, it is important that you start revisiting the things that interested you before. Keep doing things that you enjoy doing and make it a point to participate in something with a purpose. This means that you could volunteer for an important cause or even create a cause in your child’s name. Most importantly, remember that while there will always be a certain amount of pain there, it is possible to smile again even when it feels like there is no way that could ever happen.

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