//Making Your Baby’s Toy Time Safe

Making Your Baby’s Toy Time Safe

If there’s one thing that babies love it’s toys. Nothing brings a smile to a baby’s face faster than playing with their favorite toy. However, toys can be very dangerous to children if they are not used alongside proper toy safety. In order to keep your child as safe as possible while still enjoying their favorite toys, keep these important toy safety tips in mind.


Dispose of All Wrappers and Tags for Toy Safety


Wrappers and tags as well as any other little clips or strings not part of the toy itself should be disposed of immediately before giving the toy to your child. Babies like to explore items with their mouths, and they may try to swallow these items, causing a possible choke hazard or intestinal blockage.


Look Out for Small Pieces


Toys will usually have a warning on them telling the consumer about small parts that could be removed from the toy, causing another choking hazard. Just to be extra safe, however, you should look over all toys for small parts before purchasing them or giving them to your baby.


Keep the Toys of Younger and Older Children Separate


While older children may be responsible enough to handle toys with small objects and pointy parts just fine, your baby might get these toys if they’re left out. Ensure that the toys of your baby’s older siblings are always kept in a place that is separate from where they go such as the older sibling’s room or a secured toy box.


No Toys with Ribbons or Long Strings


Babies can easily get tangled in ropes, strings and ribbons, and they can possibly hurt or even choke themselves if they’re left alone with them.


Supervision is Key for Toy Safety


One of the most effective ways to keep your baby safe when playing with toys is to always keep an eye on them when they’re playing. Don’t keep toys in the crib overnight unless you’re entirely certain they’re safe.

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