//Marrying Young – My Story

Marrying Young – My Story

The first time I got married, I was very young. I graduated high school in May, turned 19 in June, and was married in August to my high school sweetheart of two years. My parents and grandparents all had similar love stories, all had been married most of their lives, and consequently, no one thought anything of my ex-husband and I marrying so young.


I soon learned that maturity and readiness for marriage has little to nothing to do with age.


Less than two years into the marriage, I learned of my husband’s out of control porn and sex addiction, and how naive I was to think that marriage could solve any of that. I tried for another two years, dealing with countless infidelities, having to get testing for STI’s four different times, and eventually ended up leaving him before our four-year anniversary.


For the longest time I struggled with anger and guilt over the marriage. I was angry both at my husband for cheating on me, and myself for marrying him in the first place. I also dealt with guilt and feelings of failure for not being able to save and fix the marriage. But now I am at a place in my life where I can recognize what a learning experience everything was. Whether or not we were old enough to get married, neither of us were mature enough to commit to each other. I learned a lot about what I wanted and needed in a husband, and am now remarried to a wonderful man with a beautiful daughter.


I will never say that I am glad to have gone through a divorce at such a young age. What I am thankful for is how I was able to learn and grow from it.

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