//Matt Connell, co-founder of Yellowbrick.me, Interviewed on “Pulse of the Region”

Matt Connell, co-founder of Yellowbrick.me, Interviewed on “Pulse of the Region”

On January 21st, Yellowbrick.me co-founder Matt Connell was a featured guest on The Pulse of the Region, a radio show produced by the Metro Hartford Alliance.

In addition to Matt, the episode, which was hosted by Metro Hartford’s Brian Boyer, featured other creative minds in the Hartford Region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem: Nan Price, Website Curator for Innovation Destination: Hartford; Jeff Steinberg, Co-Creator of Ten Minute Tai Chi.

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Brian Boyer: As a parent myself, I’m curious to know, it sounds like you’re trying to solve some of the world’s problems, but from the parenting perspective ultimately what is your goal?

Matt Connell: What we found with our research is that parents feel they are living in isolation and we want to help bring them out of that. As issues happen within the home, whether it’s with partner, spouse or children, as they get more intense, the family tends to retreat deeper, making situations that much more intense.

By providing the opportunity for users to come onto Yellowbrick.me and remain anonymous and post or respond to questions, it helps bring them out of isolation. We also connect parents to experts: researchers, educators, psychologists and social workers for high-level information on how to deal with the stresses of parenting.

We are also offering online courses and webinars, as well as live events, such as a panel discussion on March 1st at Conard High School in West Hartford on “Raising Digital Natives with Character.”

We all come to this adventure in parenting with our own baggage and our own upbringing that may get in the way of us doing it the way we want all of the time.

The goal of Yellowbrick is to provide help and support on that journey from people who have already experienced it.

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