My Advice for Stepparents

There is a lot of negativity associated with being a stepparent. However, most stepparents want what is best for the children and to be accepted as part of the family. Here is some advice for stepparents to help them connect with the child.


Give Them Time

When a parent gets remarried this ends the hope of the birth parents getting back together for the child. Allow them the time to grieve. Allow the child to have some space. They will slowly begin to come around.


Treat The Kids Like Family

Even if the child does not live in the home all of the time they should still be treated like family and not like guests. Routines need to be the same. They should have responsibilities around the house. This will help the child adjust to the new situation and feel like a part of the “new” family.


Bonding Time

Allow the children some alone time with their biological parent. This will allow them to maintain or regain the bond. It will also improve the relationship between the stepparent and child, as the child will see that they are not trying to take their parent away.


Getting the trust of the child is going to be a long process but these tips can make it a little easier on the entire family.