My advice to parents of bedwetters

As a child care provider I have dealt with a few situations involving little bedwetters, and if there is one piece of bedwetting advice I cannot share enough, it is that punishing your child for bedwetting is NOT the way to handle the situation! There can be many different causes for bedwetting, ranging from stress to too much fluid close to bedtime to medical issues, just to name a few and none of which (with the exception of cutting back on liquids near bedtime, depending on age) your little one is responsible for or able to control on his own. Many times bedwetting is a phase that is short-lived, but if this is not the case with your child, talk to your pediatrician and see if he can pinpoint a cause for the problem. When it comes to older children, DO NOT attempt to shame them into stopping! Again, the problem is likely beyond their control and shaming them, by telling others about their problem, forcing them to wear wet clothing, or making hurtful, demeaning remarks to them will most definitely do more harm than the bedwetting issue itself.


Bedwetting can be a frustrating issue, creating ore laundry and cleaning for the parents, but don’t let your child see you become angry or irritated over the situation. He is not doing it deliberately and will only feel worse about himself if he sees that he has made Mom and Dad unhappy. Your best bet in any case is to speak to your pediatrician or family doctor about the matter. Love your child and let them know that you understand they are not doing it on purpose, and that you are there to help them get rid of the problem, together.