//My Cheating Spouse: Not All Bad

My Cheating Spouse: Not All Bad

When I was in my early 20’s, I was a far less confident woman than I am now. I did what many people do when they feel as I did at that age. I settled for a person that made me miserable just so I would not be alone and chose my friends according to the same standards.


It came about that my spouse had his car repossessed. As a result of this, my closest female friend began driving him to and from work. The distance was only about 2 miles and his work only had the one location, yet the trips started getting longer over the course of a few weeks. I won’t relate the details of me walking in on them in his apartment. I will simply say it was ugly, and leave it at that.


He and I broke up, but, oddly, she and I were better friends than ever within a month. I know I forgave her because I recognized the same bad self-esteem in her as I had in myself. We have grown apart since then, but the years of friendship after that incident proves that the experience of a cheating spouse can have both positive and negative results.

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