My daughter is dating…now what?

I just read a blog By Dennis RaineyGuarding Our Daughters’ Sexual Purity: A nervous father interviews his daughter’s date.  This is such a great read. It is funny, and well written while having a serious aspect and message. The idea that woman and men are created differently and that, as a father, our worst fear is the knowledge that a young man interested in dating our daughter is interested in the same thing we were as teenagers (and still are).

I love the way Dennis approaches this subject. The way he interviews the teenage boy and the way he says “she is probably going to be somebody’s wife some day, you wouldn’t want someone touching your wife, would you?”

My daughter is young, and very beautiful. The conversation Dennis has with this young man is right on point. It is respectful to the young man as well as to his daughter.

Now I have seen all of the silly things online, like the application to date my daughter in which the father explains the bodily harm that will come to the young man and the t-shirts that read “DADD” (Dads Against Daughters Dating) — and I have laughed at each of these. I have even joked with my friends, about the shotgun I will buy when my daughter is of dating age, but if you are a dad and you want to do this respectfully, read Dennis’ article.