My Tips for Co-Parenting Dads

Co-parenting with your ex-wife (or ex-partner) influences the stability of your children. The level of cooperation is important to consider when planning to parent in such a situation. In co-parenting, dads must understand that the child always comes first. Proper co-parenting involves constantly making important decisions. It also involves portraying love to your children. However, this can be quite difficult for separated parents.


Tips for Co-Parenting Dads


It is important that you grant your child the permission to love and understand their mother. It is only fair that you let the child decide whether they should allow their mother’s friends and family into their lives. This way, they will have a fair chance to connect with both parents with much ease.


Do not use your child as the messenger in the broken relationship. The last thing you would want to see is your child processing information that is beyond their psychological understanding. Just speak directly to your former spouse and deal with the emotional tag that comes with the message without involving the children.


Some separated parents are known to talk ill about each other. First, you need to understand that this does not offer any solution. If your children hear you talking ill about their mom, they may start taking sides out of ignorance. The next thing you know, they are already disrespecting her because they think it is alright to do that. And that is not the message you want to send.


It is important to update your ex on essential information that relates to their parenting responsibilities. You can do this by sharing information like health reports and school newsletters. As much as you may unwilling to comply based on your differences as parents, you need to understand that this is for the good of your children.


Try your best to understand parenting style of your former partner. If you are in disagreement about things like mealtime or bedtime, you should discuss it respectfully and come to a mutual agreement. As long as the parenting style does not harm your child, you should try to compromise as much as possible for the sake of your child.


— George Bullock (Father of two with another on the way)


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