//My View of Trump’s Effect on Families

My View of Trump’s Effect on Families

First off, if you disagree with me…that’s fine. The point of my post is to get a debate started that will ultimately help improve our families. My opinion on Trump:


The US is going to experience a disastrous four years of ruling if Donald Trump becomes the president. And the current politics will leave innocent school kids with haunted memories. The Trump effect is successful to an extent by capturing and corrupting minds of some resident kids by making public statements against immigrants, Muslims and Mexicans at the same time created fear in the spirit of the other children that are non-residents.


The classrooms are filled with the hateful rhetoric of resident students and fearful defense of immigrants. The statements made by the Trump at the rallies is trying to divide the people, families and students by color and race.


Trump rallies are filled with negative and provocative statements like ‘Build the Wall’, ‘ hatred for Islam’, etc. is encouraging resident in developing hatred against immigrants and others. Students are seen screaming ‘get them out’ and ‘ you will be deported’ to their fellow brown-skinned classmates is creating a situation that is beyond the control of the teachers and school authorities. US politics has never experienced such dirt in its entire history.


Families and kids are witnessing the protestors that are interrupting the rally being thrown out mercilessly on the Trump’s order leaving them with mixed feelings for the elections. It is reported from a primary school in Fairfax County that third-grade kids started screaming at their fellow brown-skinned student and pointing the kid as an immigrant. Is Trump exploiting the innocence of the resident kids to make it to the throne?


The Trump Effect in schools is echoing the fears of the immigrant and Muslim kids. Each rally video of Trump released is creating a new group of angry white people that are pointing brown-skinned to leave the US with Screaming and Yelling. Has US politics come down to a level where the contesting president member will use every possibility to stay ahead in the race?

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