//Navigating Time & Child Rearing

Navigating Time & Child Rearing

Guilty. ?

If you know me, you know I’m often running late.  I really don’t mean to be rude, I’m just optimistic about how much time I have.

This was not always  the case!  Before having children, getting to a destination on time was never an issue.   But my household comprises 2 working parents, a 4 year old and nearly-2-year-old.  I’d like to say that our biggest challenge is getting all of us on time to 4 different  locations during the work/school week.  The fact is, getting ANYWHERE on time is a tremendous feat!

It seems like no amount of pre-planning or waking up earlier gets us out of the house any quicker.  Someone invariably forgets a mandatory stuffed animal, leaves the diaper bag inside, needs to use the bathroom, can’t find the other shoe, spills yogurt on their shirt, etc., eating up all the extra minutes I padded into the departure plan.

My apologies in advance for being late!

How do you handle the morning rush without blowing a gasket?


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