//Online Social Enterprise “My Education Room” Connects Certified K-12 Teachers & Students

Online Social Enterprise “My Education Room” Connects Certified K-12 Teachers & Students

A few years ago local school district #43 in Coquitlam, British Columbia – a suburb of Vancouver, Canada – disclosed they were fifteen million dollars in debt. Given all school districts in the province were required to balance their budget the district had to layoff hundreds of teachers and cutback numerous services.

During this period college director, Rick Pasin, and his wife Anthea (Kwantlen University) had noticed a growing industry in the post-secondary world. Numerous students  were graduating high school without the grades or courses to gain entrance into post-secondary programs. This despite the millions of dollars districts were spending on educational assistance and customized programs and money spent by parents on private tutors. Universities had created a whole new set of lucrative upgrading programs aimed at these students .

Anther trend identified was the number of students from rural communities who struggled and lacked the access to high quality educational resources found in urban centers.

To resolve the problem  Rick created http://MyEducationRoom.com

The site was designed to:

1) Connect certified Canadian teachers (whose credentials are verified) with students requiring educational assistance regardless of location (domestic or international)

2) Allow the teachers to control class size, schedule and topic while retaining the majority of revenue earned

Allow parents to work with teachers to coordinate a educational assistance schedule that aligned with their family’s activities

3) Allow parents to save a tremendous amount of money on educational assistance. Lessons may be conducted online via one-on-one (tutoring) sessions or in groups

Tutoring costs average about $25 CAD ($19 US) while group lessons can run much lower

4) Allow parents to have certified teachers assess their child’s academics

5) Allow parents or students to request lessons on any K-12 topic

6) Generate profits that can then be reallocated into local school communities

7) Allow for children with learning or physical disabilities to receive online help from specialists

Today My Education Room is working with Yellowbrick.me to help empower parents by providing valuable educational resources and information.

To learn more about My Education Room, the teachers, or current lessons offered please visit http://myeducationroom.com

My Education Room



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