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Parenting Tips: How to be a “Trampoline Parent”

Raising kids is an incredible experience – you see them develop from a kicking little bubble in your stomach to a pasta-sauce-mess-making, sneezing-then-laughing bundle of joy.  It’s been so gratifying to raise a young boy and girl, but it’s also been a trying experience.  I always look to others for parenting tips, and when I have the inspiration for some of my own tips, I love to share them with other parents.

     The other day I was thinking about my relationship with my kids and came up with what I like to call ”The Trampoline” style of parenting.  By this, I mean the nature of bouncing back and forth with your children’s expressions and interests.  My kids change their interests so rapidly and dynamically that sometimes it’s hard to keep up.  In order to stay on the same page and at the same time one step ahead for their own sake, I like to think of myself like a trampoline, bouncing them up and down like I used to do with my son.

     An example of how I use this mentality is when my kid, say, tells me how much he loves Power Rangers.  Instead of caving in and going to the store to get him a Red Ranger, I instead ask him, “Why?  What do you like about them?”

     This allows a bouncing of ideas off of each other, and we can arrive at something more interesting or more fruitful together.  At the very least, simply exploring his interests helps him to understand more about himself.  It also gives me a bit more information to better support his emotional and mental growth.

     Try to be a trampoline parent.  Give your children ample opportunity to bounce ideas and creativity off of you – not just for them, but for your own sake as well!  It’s a fun and healthy way to interact with your kids that can only help your relationship develop.  If you enjoy reading parenting tips like this one, then look out for more!  I really enjoy writing parenting tips and will definitely continue to do so. 

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