//Pool Safety Tips for Parents

Pool Safety Tips for Parents

On a hot Summer afternoon, few activities will hold even half of the appeal of a swimming pool to most children. Adults too are often inclined to jump in and beat the heat. It may be a relief to slip into the cool water, but never forget just how dangerous pools can be. Of course, there are countless brochures and websites devoted to detailed explanations of intricate safety devices and  techniques. That is certainly useful, but when you are surrounded by screaming kids, diving teens and splashing toddlers, sometimes a lot of information is just too much. These four pool safety tips are the basic rules to prevent tragedy in the pool and should never be forgotten.


Never Leave a Child Alone in or Near a Pool or Hot Tub:

There must never be an exception to this rule, no matter how close the phone or oven or any other distracting object. It only takes a second for a running child to slip in a puddle and crack their head on the side of the pool as they go under. If you have a pool but no gate, either install a gate immediately or additional locks out of children’s reach on every pool accessible exit.


Stay Alert, Aware and Within Arm’s Reach:

It can be tempting once the novelty of swimming wears off to bring a book outside while the kids swim. Temptation only grows when all children present know how to swim. That book could be fatal to children in your care. Stay alert for unusual sounds or movements, be aware pf every child’s location at all times, and within arm’s reach of any child under 5.


Mandatory Safety Basics:

Every child you supervise should know and understand the basic safety rules for pools. They should know to not run, never be near the water without an adult and how to grab rescue devices that could be thrown in the event of an emergency.


Learn CPR:

The fact is, something could go wrong someday, no matter how many precautions are taken. Knowing CPR could literally make the difference between life and death.


Children deserve to be cared for and kept safe to the best of adult ability, even when it cuts into reading time. However, these 4 life-saving rules should be easy for anyone to follow.

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