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Preventing bigotry among children

In most parts of society, overt bigotry receives disapproval. Certain words and attitudes are censured and cause genuine anger in others. Unfortunately, it still exists in every level of society, and the subtle, subversive racism that is unspoken seems as common as ever. Such hatred has a detrimental effect on our children and should be fought at every opportunity.


Hatred is an emotion that resists reason and will stand unchanged no matter what argument is brought up to bear against it. Parents who teach their children to hate steal from them their ability to function in our increasingly global society with any degree of success. As technology makes oceans no barrier to instant communication, such limitations will cripple their career choices and limit their upward mobility.


Bias and stereotyping are, to a certain extent, instinctive behaviors. However, humans do not live by their instincts as a general practice and it is our duty to think beyond our automatic thoughts. A life spent in hatred is a life spent swimming in the poison of negativity and anger, and that should be the last thing any parent should teach their child.

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