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Raising a Gifted Child

Most parents would think that having a gifted child in the family is a true blessing. However, raising a gifted child can be quite a challenge. Gifted children do not see the world the same way that most children do and this can cause a whole host of challenges for both them and you. For example, a child that is gifted and is in a regular program at school might consider the curriculum so unworthy of their attention that they scarcely pay any attention at all. This in turn can cause what are perceived to be behavioral issues in the classroom. Obviously, that is not the case. They are really not being challenged enough. Unfortunately, it can take some time to figure out exactly what is going on and your child is usually the one that ends up paying the price because of it.


Furthermore, your child might be picked on or bullied at school. Most children have a way of pointing out virtually anything and everything about someone that makes them different from the status quo and then making fun of it. A child that is far more intelligent than average or has talents and abilities that most children don’t have is often considered to be a target for other kids. This can actually cause them to attempt to hide their talents so they can fit in with everyone else who is not capable of doing the same things they are. They are effectively selling themselves short in an attempt to fit in with the rest of the group.


If your child is gifted, make sure that you openly encourage them to pursue their talents. Whatever those talents may be, help them explore them further. Enroll them in music lessons or put them in advanced placement classes so that they can get the most out of their time. Help them find a way to connect with peers who have similar abilities so that they know they are not alone. Above all, provide unconditional love and support and help them understand that it is not only okay for them to use their talents and abilities, but you would expect them to do nothing less.

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