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Reducing stress in your child’s life

As a co-parent, my spouse and I always try to keep the disagreements away from them as best we can. I grew up in a house in which arguing was commonplace. As kids, we knew all of the stress my parents felt. As a parent, I was determined not to do this with my kids. Easier said then done. It’s never a good time to talk about serious or stressful issues. The morning is crazy with all the rushing out of the house, then dinner happens, and then time to get the kids to bed. By the time the kids are down, it is late and that’s not opportune because it potentially leads to an argument on the way to bed.

So inevitably, I find my wife and I repeating the pattern, “discussing” serious issues in front of the kids. Then it gets heated and everyone feels the stress. Yikes…this is not a good situation. So my wife and I decided to implement a safe word. No not a safe word because the loving is getting out of control — we’ll cover that in another post — a safe word that we can utter to calm the situation down, to lessen the stress and hopefully save the kids some heartache.

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