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Romance after Having a Baby

After you have your little bundle of joy, you may find it hard to keep the romance alive. It may become difficult to find time to spend alone with your spouse. And when you do find the time, it’s sometimes hard to get into the mood. Romance after having a baby can be tricky — so here are some ways to keep the fire lit.


Schedule Quickie Time

This may sound crazy, but plan “quickie” time with your spouse to make those romantic moments more frequent. This may be at nap time or after baby goes to bed. Just because you can no longer have those spur of the moment flings doesn’t mean you can’t keep the romance alive.


Get a Sitter

At least once a month, ask grandma or grandpa, sister or friend, to watch your baby for a couple of hours while you and your spouse go out for dinner or a movie. If you can’t afford to go out, that’s ok. Find someone to take your baby for awhile and you and your spouse can stay home and make dinner, rent a movie, and enjoy some romantic time together. They will understand the importance of trying to create some romance after having a baby. It’s ok to tell them that’s what you’re trying to do. They may offer to help out more often.


Keep the Communication Flowing

Although it may be difficult to leave your baby, you need to remember your relationship with your spouse is equally as important. Without time together, the tension may rise between the two of you. Your baby will feed off of this as well. Even when you’re not together, you can keep the romance alive by sending texts that simply say I love you or I miss you. Let your significant other know you are thinking of them and you’ll make it through this stressful time just fine.

Following this simple advice is a surefire way to rekindle romance after having a baby. Good luck!


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