Setting Up Weekly Meetings to Review Your Child’s Schedule

In the go, go, go society we live in today, keeping up with schedules can be hectic and can easily get chaotic. Letting things get out of hand, particularly in large families, is a recipe for disaster in the form of missed appointments, sports practices and other extracurricular activities, homework assignments and school projects, etc. Scheduling weekly family meetings to review and discuss your child’s schedule can prevent these types of problems and keep everyone organized and on track.


Is your child’s schedule in order?


Choose a weeknight when everyone is available and when there is nothing going on that will interrupt the meeting or cause it to be rushed. Start by reviewing all of the week’s activities, which are best kept organized via the use of a separate calendar for each child and all-inclusive ones for parents. Speak with each child individually initially to discuss any possible issues such as missed deadlines for homework/projects for school or any scheduled activities that have been missed or which may need to be changed, if possible. Once any individual issues have been resolved and any changes made, come together as a family and outline the overall schedule for the week. Make certain everyone, including both parents and any caregivers, are on the same page. Go over the schedules to make certain there are no conflicts such as overlapping times or multiple activities planned for the same day/time.


By taking the time to get the family together and go over everyone’s weekly schedule, you are ensuring a successful, stress-free week where appointments and other activities are concerned, and you are teaching your children a valuable lesson about time management and working together, as well as showing them that you care about their activities. Make certain to have a plan in place and some extra time set aside, either on meeting night or at another time, to give your child some extra time and some one-on-one attention should they ask for it, or should an issue regarding a particular situation need to be addressed.


By reviewing your child’s schedule on a weekly basis and pinpointing and eliminating any issues as they arise, all members of your family can enjoy their activities with no problem.