Sharing my breastfeeding tips

The one thing you need to remember is if it is your first time be patient with your new baby. If you want to breastfeed 100% you need to make sure you inform your doctor and have the baby put straight on your chest when the baby comes out. You want to try and get your baby to latch on as soon as you can so it knows what the feel of your nipple is. The baby has no clue what to do so you have to teach the baby to latch on by taking your nipple and going in an up and down motion from the babies nose to the mouth. If you are having trouble getting the baby to latch on ask a nurse and they will help. Never be afraid to ask for help.


You need to switch from each breast each feeding so your milk will produce correctly and you won’t have so much soreness. Like I said before do not get frustrated it is the babies first time and don’t give up if you are very headstrong on breastfeeding your baby. After the first few times your baby will get very comfortable and understand this is how to eat.