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Should parents pay their kids to do chores?

To pay kids for chores or not. I guess it depends on what message you are trying to send as a parent. Are you trying to teach your child the relationship between work and money and that with hard work one can earn a wage? Are you trying to teach your kid about budgeting and saving? Or are you simply trying to bribe the kid to do chores and “pitch in”?

Depending on the message and motivation, I believe it depends on what you do. If you fall into scenario one or three, then maybe paying for chores is correct. If it is about budgeting and saving skills, then I wonder if the two are tied together. I guess one could make the argument that by earning money from chores and then needing to keep a ledger with the accumulated amount and any subtractions may be the best of all worlds.

The chores get done, the kid gets paid, the kid keeps a ledger of monies in and out and the kid needs to save a percent. How do you lose?

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