//Social Anxiety Disorder and Teens

Social Anxiety Disorder and Teens

Let’s be really honest, when we think of anxiety, we don’t really consider it a disorder, or a mental illness, right? It’s almost as if our society tends to treat it as if it is merely a behavior that can be fixed over the weekend, almost like potty training. Of course, this is most certainly not the case, and for that matter, there are millions of people all over who suffer from some type of anxiety disorder during their lifetime. Often times, in both adults and teens, we see the effects of Social Anxiety Disorder, or SAD. Not many know the full details of what SAD entails, and that’s why we are here today.


In short, Social Anxiety Disorder is the fear of being judged and ridiculed by those we face in our say to day life, almost acting as a social phobia. For many, this would be seen as just an act of shyness, but it is much more than that, and can effect children at the age of 13 and sometimes younger. It can reek havoc on the relationships that are made, even causing there to be no relationships had whatsoever in the social aspect.


If you fear that your child may be facing this crippling disorder, it is important to seek help immediately, as people who go untreated can end up with severe depression as they continue to age, and also continue to have no type of outer relationships at all. As a parent, it is crucial to figure out when you are facing the disorder as opposed to ordinary shyness, and to make sure that your behaviors are reflecting them in the best way. If they are facing the disorder, it is best not to push them too hard into making relationships work, but rather finding some type of therapy or treatment that can enable them to take baby steps in that direction.


Knowing the signs and finding the correct type of therapy and treatment can be difficult, but will help your child in the long run. Always the there to be that extra support as they begin the journey to finding wellness once again, and no that no matter what happens, you, your child, and your family will get through this. Social Anxiety Disorder does not have to dictate how your child behaves or develops by any means. have a clear understanding and begin your research today to find out more about the disorder, and other ways to help your child.

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