Sophie’s story is one that so many of our students can relate to.

Sophie’s story is one that so many of our students can relate to.

“We had changed schools, we had moved, and we needed a little help for my daughter who had just entered middle school.”

It’s Sophie’s first year in middle-school and she is feeling overwhelmed.

Not only does she need to keep track of six classes and subjects but she is also struggling in algebra.

All of that changes when Sophie’s mom calls Robin, an Education Consultant from Tutor Doctor, for a free in-home assessment.

After Robin takes the time to learn about Sophie’s hobbies, favorite subjects, study habits, and learning style, she assesses Sophie’s knowledge gaps in math.

Sophie’s tutor is hand-selected from a roster of vetted, caring, and patient tutors who are passionate about their work.

“To see how much work she put in, to see her effort pay off was remarkable.”

Sophie’s tutor helps to break down algebra in a simple way that Sophie can quickly understand. Sophie begins to complete her math homework before her tutoring session even begins!

Her tutor gets to focus their time on filling in gaps from previous chapters, practicing study techniques, and getting Sophie ready for her upcoming exams.

“I went from a C in math to an A!”

Sophie went from hating math and being on the verge of failing her class, to loving math, and getting an A on her report card.

If you’re ready to transform your child’s report card and help them replace the fear of failure with a love for learning, then it’s time to take action.

At Tutor Doctor, it is our mission to replace the fear of failure with a love for learning while cultivating independent and responsible students.

Our local Education Consultants are with you every step of the way, to discuss your short-term and long-term academic goals and create your child’s unique roadmap.  Our tutors guide your child’s habits while building foundational skills and filling academic gaps.

And we don’t stop there; because we do whatever it takes to make sure your child reaches their goals.

Whether that means meeting with your child’s teacher, re-evaluating and updating your child’s tutoring goals, or having an entire roster of tutors “on call” for any subject – we’re here to support you throughout your enrollment.

Yulianna Rafailova
Senior Academic Advisor

Tutor Doctor

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