Advice for People Considering Adoption

Are you considering adoption? It is a very wonderful thing. Why is that? The answer is very clear. People who cannot have children on their own can make a permanent home for a baby or child that is in need of a loving home. Adoption makes this process happen. It is truly a miracle in [...]

Adoption Costs and Fees

Perhaps the most common questions regarding adoption are related to the expenses. Many families fear being unable to afford the fees for medical service, legal representation and other general costs. Understanding the expenses is critical when making the choice to adopt. This is what can be expected:   Cost for Birth Mother   A pregnant woman who [...]

The Birth Mother Stereotype

There exists in the United States a certain stigma regarding the women who give up a child for adoption. The stereotype has two general forms. The first birth mother concept is that of the teen mom. She is young, immature and unsophisticated, likely not even a senior in high school.   The second birth mother [...]

Closed and Open Adoption and the Reality In-between

There are several issues that must be decided in every adoption and the determination between a closed or open adoption merits a high priority for the individuals involved. In adoption terminology, openness refers to the degree of contact and information exchanged between the birth and adoptive parents.   While there is a tendency to label [...]

An Overview of Four Adoption Types

Understanding adoption must begin with an understanding of the various types that can occur. Even within the five categories described here, no adoption is the same as another due to the differing circumstances leading up to them, but they do share certain traits with others in their category.   Domestic Infant Adoption   Cases in [...]

The Road to Adoption: First Steps

The initial decision in favor of adoption should never be rushed. Birth mothers have several valid options available and should decide based on their beliefs and capabilities. Similarly, the decision to adopt a child merits deep consideration from every conceivable angle. This article will explain more about the adoption process.   The merit of contemplation [...]

Friendly, Honest Adoption Facts

As one of many who has been adopted, the adoption program has changed tremendously over the past forty to fifty years. Back in the 1950's and 1960's adoption was usually kept quiet. Usually when children were adopted there were two things that the courts focused upon before allowing the adoption to take place. The adoptive [...]

Adoption: Research says that Openness is Key to Success

  Adoption is a wonderful thing. It allows parents who can't conceive to raise a family, and lets parents who can't care for their children find a home that can. Furthermore, children in dangerous or abusive conditions can be given the chance at a childhood that they deserve. However, children raised through adoption still face [...]