My advice to parents of bedwetters

As a child care provider I have dealt with a few situations involving little bedwetters, and if there is one piece of bedwetting advice I cannot share enough, it is that punishing your child for bedwetting is NOT the way to handle the situation! There can be many different causes for bedwetting, ranging from stress [...]

Helping your bedwetting child stay dry

Bladder control is difficult in many children. You should be at a position to cognize that your child does not wet bed deliberately or because of laziness. Insulting your kid will not only make it stiff for him/her to stop bedwetting but also lower the child’s confidence.   First, try find out the root cause [...]

My personal advice to parents of bedwetters

Bedwetting is a common problem among children of any age. Often times they cannot control it and are very embarrassed about it. I have dealt with with two of my children wetting the bed and they have actually stopped after using the methods I am going to tell you about.   Bedwetting Advice The first [...]

3 Methods to Stop Bedwetting

New parents often have problems or are undecided when it comes to certain aspects of their child raising. Often they say to themselves that they don't want to repeat the mistakes that were made on them. Instead of focusing on what was done to you, or how you were raised, instead focus on what worked. [...]