School bullying linked to lower academic achievement, research finds

A study that tracked hundreds of children from kindergarten through high school found that chronic or increasing levels of bullying were related to lower academic achievement, a dislike of school and low confidence by students in their own academic abilities, according to new research published by the American Psychological Association.   While pop culture often [...]

I am the mother of a bully. I NEED HELP.

I don't know how we got to this place. My 15 year old son has been loved and loved. He tries to be the class clown at the expense of others, and doesn't see that he hurts others'  feelings. He doesn't realize that HE IS NOT FUNNY. He has wicked mean streaks. He is impulsive. [...]

Bullying – How to not be bullied online or in person.

Bullying - How to not be bullied online or in person. By Lou Scotti   Why are some children and adults more susceptible to bulling? How can we develop a protective shield against bullying?   No matter what form abuse or bullying takes it creates pain. Depending on our Emotional Memory of early childhood and [...]

5 Tips to Prevent Your Child From Being Bullied

With the beginning of school on the minds of many parents and students, thoughts are turning to colorful backpacks, the dread of homework, and what-boring-stuff-will-dad-put-in-my-lunch-this year. School can be a fun time of planning, excitement, and new friends…but it can also be a difficult and scary time for kids -- especially if bullying is involved. [...]

How to Prevent Bullying and Aggressive Behavior

There has been a great deal of attention lately on bullying, and for good reason. Most of us know that bullying can leave lasting hurt feelings in children. If bullying is allowed to go unchecked, it can have very dangerous consequences. What is a parent to do? Below are a handful of tips to help [...]

What parents can do to prevent bullying

There are certain things that every parent wants to protect their child from, certain things that you do not want them to face in their lives. Unfortunately, you will not always be able to shelter your children and there will be times when you will need to discuss dark issues with them. When you get [...]

Sibling Abuse: My Personal Story

I am the youngest of three children and my parents divorced while I was very young. My life was a bit complicated by medical problems, but there were many children with worse issues at the hospital than mine. Sadly, my memories of my brother are often more painful than anything I experienced as a result [...]

How to Help Your Child Deal With Bullying

It wasn't long ago that the idea of a child being bullied just wasn't an issue at the forefront of parents’ minds. That has changed in recent years and parents now have to protect their child from the very possible encounter with a bully at school. Early intervention is important in order to avoid a [...]