Enhancing your child’s body image

Body image problems are common in today's society, especially among youth. As a parent, you need to look out for cues to see if your child is struggling with this. Some typical areas of concern may be that your child is comparing themselves to other children such as their peers or actors on TV. They [...]

Magic Can Conjure Up Confidence And Social Skills

For years, audiences have been thrilled by the amazing performances of master magicians, such as David Blaine and Derren Brown. Now, the results of a new experiment announced at the BA Festival of Science in Liverpool suggests that such magical feats can also work wonders with children’s confidence and social skills.   The study, conducted [...]

Confident teachers help preschoolers more with language and literacy skills

Research suggests that pre-school students may gain more language and literacy skills if they have teachers with higher levels of confidence in their abilities.   However, in some cases students only saw gains when their teachers also had classrooms that emphasized emotional support for the children.   "Emotionally responsive relationships between teachers and children may [...]

How to Build Up a Child’s Self-Esteem

"Wow! Great job!" I told my 3 year old son the first time he drew a stick person. He was very excited to show me his drawing and I was genuinely proud of him. I immediately took a picture because I wanted to capture his precious drawing and have it forever. I could tell how [...]

Talking to teens about body image

It is definitely a tough situation for a parent to see their child struggling with body image issues. It's even harder talking to teens about body image problems. First you may want to figure out where these issues are stemming from. Is your child simply comparing themselves to their peers and images on TV and [...]

Confidence in parenting could help break cycle of abuse

To understand how confidence in parenting may predict parenting behaviors in women who were abused as children, psychologists at the University of Rochester have found that mothers who experienced more types of maltreatment as children are more critical of their ability to parent successfully. Intervention programs for moms at-risk, therefore, should focus on bolstering mothers’ [...]

Learning disabilities: Every child learns in their own way

Parents of children with learning disabilities might have a little more stress than those without. But no matter what the learning disability may be, children will learn at a pace that suits them. When it comes to the child however it can be more stress and frustration on them then it is on the parents [...]