Why Art Therapy Works

When children or teens experience a traumatic event, common wisdom holds that they will recover well, given time, because kids are resilient. It is a comforting thought, and it is often even true. However, in those circumstances where the natural resilience of children is not enough, there are other options to help them cope with [...]

The Importance of Art Education for Kids

Unfortunately, due to budget cuts in school many art education programs are hard to find. A parent should take it upon themselves to present the chance for children to create art and make art projects. There are many reasons why art education is good for children.   Stimulates the Brain Developing art projects stimulates the [...]

Good Parenting: Teaching your children with creativity

 Something I plan to blog about regularly are techniques for good parenting.  I believe that good parenting takes a healthy dose of creativity.  So, today I wanted to share something that I've been practicing recently with my children: the “Keys to the Castle” method. In other words, I’ve been giving my kids the tools to construct [...]