Intrusive parents may lead children to be overly self-critical

Parents may have high expectations of their children’s academic performance and some may demonstrate this by urging the child to achieve good grades, while others may over-react when the child makes mistakes. However, parents should be mindful of their behaviour and not push their children too far, as their actions may lead to unintended consequences. [...]

Teen drug and depression researchers seeking study participants

Youth substance use and dependence is continuing to pose a considerable public health concern. The majority of adolescents who use drugs frequently (e.g., marijuana, alcohol, prescription medications) also suffer from co-occurring psychiatric disorders such as depression, ADHD and more). These disorders need to be diagnosed and treated in order to prevent negative consequences.   For [...]

Maternal Depression Across the First Years of Life Impacts Children’s Neural Basis of Empathy

Exposure to early and chronic maternal depression markedly increases a child’s susceptibility to psychopathology and social-emotional problems, including social withdrawal, poor emotion regulation, and reduced empathy to others. Since 15-18% of women in industrial societies and up to 30% in developing countries suffer from maternal depression, it is of clinical and public health concern to [...]

Helping your child work through their depression

As parents, you naturally try to do everything you can to ensure that your child is healthy and happy. However, it might be difficult to know how to handle things if your child begins to suffer from depression. Unfortunately, you can do all of the major things well as a parent and still have a [...]

How to Talk to a Teen About Depression

Depression is a real issue in the world that affects many people at all ages children and teens may not know how to handle depression as well as some and as such it is often necessary to talk to a teen about depression to make sure that they know what to do and that there is [...]

Is depression in parents, grandparents linked to grandchildren’s depression?

Having both parents and grandparents with major depressive disorder (MDD) was associated with higher risk of MDD for grandchildren, which could help identify those who may benefit from early intervention, according to a study published online by JAMA Psychiatry.   It is well known that having depressed parents increases children's risk of psychiatric disorders. There are [...]

Becoming a New Parent

I've become a new parent four different times now. Each time just as different as the one before. I've given birth to three boys and one little girl. Each pregnancy was different. Each birthing experience was different. In the end though, the same goal was obtained, a beautiful new child to love and care for. [...]

Talking About Teen Suicide

The topic of teen suicide is a very hard one for many parents. If you need to discuss this with your teen, then the reason why may aid you in how you should approach it. Did one of their peers attempt suicide or did they attend a suicide victim's funeral? Are you concerned with your [...]

Postpartum Depression: How to Reduce the Stress of Childbirth

  Postpartum depression is no laughing matter.  Childbirth is accompanied by healthy servings of stress and anxiety.  Some mothers are unwilling to accept that they may be afflicted.  But don’t worry, for the new mothers who are feeling stress and depression, there is a simple and wholesome solution. Focus on your child       [...]

Baby Blues: Keep your emotions in check as a new parent

The "Baby Blues" aren't just a comic strip - they're also a common emotional problem that affects roughly 80 percent of mothers during the first week after childbirth. Having a baby is an intense emotional and physical experience that drains hormones and can cause imbalances in your chemistry; it's no surprise that it can make [...]