Identifying Commonalities Helps Kids Develop Empathy

Our world is rife with crisis and tragedy lately. As a parent, finding ways to explain the current events to our children presents a unique sort of challenge. Opinions and emotions run high surrounding these events which can make it difficult to even know where to begin when explaining what is happening and why. One [...]

Teaching Kids to Appreciate the Differences Between People

The role of empathy in a person's life is too often quantified when speaking in terms of how big of a heart a person has or how many people the try to help. Whether a child has empathy for one person or many isn't the real issue. The concern that any parent should be thinking [...]

How to Talk to Your Child About Racism

When approaching the subject of racism with your child it is important to remember that popular culture may promote specific types of racism and if you leave it too long to begin talking with your child they may be exposed to massive amounts of racism that will warp their view because it is seen as [...]

Talking about race and diversity with your kid

How do we talk about race and diversity issues with children? This is an important issue in today’s world, with so much in the media about culture divides and major race and diversity issues. We live in a world in which politicians are seeking to keep ethnic groups out of the country, where unarmed African [...]