How to Ease Back into a Fitness Routine After Giving Birth

A lot of new moms are not satisfied with their looks after giving birth and often want to start exercising as soon as possible. However, you need to be careful with the timing, because your body might not be ready for intense physical activities. After some time has passed and you got the approval from [...]

The Benefits of Exercise on Your Kid’s Brain

There has been a lot of talk about the benefits of exercise. Essentially, regular physical activity can improve your health regardless of your age. However, the benefits of various exercises for children are especially valuable. Basically, not only does exercising affect proper physical development in kids but it also influences their brain development. In that [...]

Discussing Obesity With Kids

Discussing obesity with kids is important whether or not your child is overweight. The reasons might be obvious if you have a child that is struggling with their weight. However, if all of your children are slim and healthy, you might be wondering why you need to talk to them about something like obesity. The [...]

Parenting through Sports

 I’m a football guy, through and through.  I live, eat, and breathe football.  You can probably tell by my account name & profile picture.  To me, my love of sports presents both an opportunity and a dilemma – should I push my son to enjoy football, let him just speak up if he wants to [...]