Sibling Abuse: My Personal Story

I am the youngest of three children and my parents divorced while I was very young. My life was a bit complicated by medical problems, but there were many children with worse issues at the hospital than mine. Sadly, my memories of my brother are often more painful than anything I experienced as a result [...]

How to Stop Siblings from Fighting

When your darling children are fighting it can drive you crazy! Fighting among siblings is the one issue that bothers parents the most, but it also seems the hardest to prevent. Remember that these kids are still learning proper social skills and how to handle conflict and so as parents we need to be able [...]

Why do men fight and act tough?

Now, I have thought about this for quite some time, why do men fight each other and act so tough? This could be a simple answer, we like the adrenaline and we are a bunch of hot heads just roaring to go. I however do not fully believe this. I believe the answer lies in [...]