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Planting the seeds for a healthy new year…

As we move into the new year of creating health, strategies can be helpful on this journey. Eating vegetables at least 2 meals per day is a great start. Avoiding veggies that come in a can; choosing fresh or frozen is optimal for the best nutrition. A great target is 2 servings at lunch and 2 servings [...]

Let’s talk about bugs!

We hear a lot about the benefits of probiotics in the news today. What is a probiotic? Probiotics are the good bacteria that live in our gut. This good bacteria represents approximately 70% of our immune system. Why would this bacteria get depleted? There are actually many ways that these bugs can reduce in number, [...]

Food is Medicine!

The concept of food as medicine is about using nutrition found in whole foods to keep our body in balance. The colorful compounds found in vegetables and fruit are what give them unique healing properties. For example, carotenoids found in yellow, orange, and red vegetables are powerful antioxidants that can help prevent disease. One simple [...]

Ending the year on a high note…

We all know how quickly time passes and as the holiday celebrations come to a close, its a good time to set our intentions for the New Year. Staying healthy during the winter season is commonly on everyone's list. Winter is that time of year when the flu and colds tend to circulate. Prevention is [...]

Happy NEW YOU Year!

Happy NEW YOU Year! Resolutions, goals, intentions—these are just some of the words that come to mind with the New Year.  Making goals can be easy but keeping them takes more work.  We know that changing our lifestyle is the key to success rather than short termed quick fixes. Some common health resolutions are: eat [...]

Sweet Holidays!

Are your holidays too sweet? The holidays bring together many events like visiting with family and friends, sharing food and time. There are a myriad of social events to attend that include a wide variety of food and treats. Considering the number of events that we typically attend at this time, we share a lot [...]