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Great Books for You and Your Kids

Another round of great book recommendations by our Friend Marylynne of Classcrashers.  Hats off to Marylynne for consistently great recommendations! Here's some links to her recommendations should they peak your interest: Finding Winnie Trombone Shorty Waiting Our personal favorite is Finding Winnie .

Do you tell your kids stories? Make one into a book!

Here's another book-related post by our friend Marylynne at ClassCrashers.  This time, she tells an interesting story, including an interview, about her publisher friend and how parents always think they can write better kids books than they read.  Well, some parents may just be right.

Board Books that’ll Delight your Kids

Our friend Marylynne over at Classcrashers posted a great list of board books to read to your kids.  These are great ways to activate their imagination, put them to bed, or just spend some quality time.  Check it out!