How to Encourage Self-Esteem in Your Child

Self-esteem effects so much more than just a child’s personality. Self-esteem is one of those cyclical things. With great self-esteem tends to come confidence in their school work. With confidence in their work comes good grades. With good grades comes… high self-esteem! It is a magical thing. It can be a painful thing to watch [...]

Should parents pay their kids to do chores?

To pay kids for chores or not. I guess it depends on what message you are trying to send as a parent. Are you trying to teach your child the relationship between work and money and that with hard work one can earn a wage? Are you trying to teach your kid about budgeting and [...]

Teaching Kids to Use a Calendar to Manage Their Schedule

As a mother of three -- and then a child care provider once mine were out of the nest -- I know very well the need for effective time management, for parents, caregivers, and children. I have long been an advocate of teaching kids to use a calendar to organize their time and their activities from [...]

The Importance of Art Education for Kids

Unfortunately, due to budget cuts in school many art education programs are hard to find. A parent should take it upon themselves to present the chance for children to create art and make art projects. There are many reasons why art education is good for children.   Stimulates the Brain Developing art projects stimulates the [...]

Teaching Kids to Have a Good Work Ethic

Teaching kids to have a good work ethic is very important. They need to learn to be responsible and dependable from an early age. Here are some tips to helping a parent build a great work ethic in their kid.   Teach Delayed Gratification   Teach the kid how to delay what they want and do what they [...]

Bed wetting: Research Says that Parent’s Perspective is a Problem

Bed wetting, or nocturnal enuresis, is a problem that affects children of all shapes and sizes. While some adults do suffer, kids are far more likely to experience bed wetting.  The Psychological and emotional impacts can range from short-lived to absolutely devastating. The issue should not be dismissed as simply another one of childhood's speed [...]

How I got my kid to save money

When I look back on my life, I think back about all the money I have earned and all the money I have wasted. What life would have been like if I had saved the majority of my money from my first jobs, from birthday presents…etc. I read the Warren Buffet book -- The Snowball -- [...]

Teaching your child to respect other cultures

Considering today's climate with the Paris terrorist attacks and all the other madness that's going on around us at the moment, it seems like the perfect time to talk about how to be respectful -- and how to teach our children to respect others, particularly other's cultures and differences. The biggest challenge is that we are [...]

Do your children respect elders?

What does it mean to teach kids to respect elders? Does this lead to the question, do all people truly deserve respect? While this is a tough question, we as parents do need to instill a sense that our children should respect their elders. In today’s world, parents want their kids friends to interact with [...]

How To Deal With Picky Eaters

My kids can be notoriously picky eaters. Their food preferences, likes and dislikes, and culinary requirements seem to change on a whim with no rhyme or reason. My oldest son once had a voracious appetite but now only eats chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese, much to my health conscious dismay. Perhaps today my daughter [...]