Trimming the Grocery Budget

Anyone with children can identify with the painful experience of grocery shopping. Kids grow quickly, eat everything in sight and it can be hard to keep the pantry and fridge stocked without breaking the bank! Use these tips to help keep your financial grocery goals in line.   Scour for deals This can be done [...]

It’$ My Money – A guided journal to help you manage your finances

A Guided Journal to Help You Manage Your Finances is the first in a series of journals dedicated to financial literacy and money management. It’$ My Money is designed to enrich teenagers with simple but smart financial information while providing inspiring quotes and guided questions. Financial scholars will be able to explore topics and increase [...]

How I got my kid to save money

When I look back on my life, I think back about all the money I have earned and all the money I have wasted. What life would have been like if I had saved the majority of my money from my first jobs, from birthday presents…etc. I read the Warren Buffet book -- The Snowball -- [...]

Alternatives to Purchasing New Clothes for Your Child

Within a year, my daughter hit a growth spurt and outgrew not one, but 2 pairs of shoes, along with a number of outfits we had just purchased a few months ago. Sound familiar? Use these tips for getting around the expensive clothing dilemma.   Host a clothing swap Invite some of your mom friends [...]

Tips for Saving Money for Parents

As soon as you find out that you are going to be having a little one enter your home and your family, you realize just how expensive it can be to raise a child. The expenses seem to start right away, and it can be hard to keep up with all that you need to [...]

Negative Interest Rates: When Saving Money Actually Costs You

Negative Interest Rates: Backwards Dealings Here's an article from the NY Times about the effects of negative interest rates. According to the article, negative interest rates have been affecting European and Asian countries as of late. A quote that struck me from the article: "The effects have been mixed: Negative rates on foreign debt have helped [...]

Term life insurance protects your family.

“Should I buy term or permanent life insurance?” That’s usually the first question most agents are asked when they meet with a new client. While permanent life insurance is often a better long-term value, there are times when term life insurance makes perfect sense. Let’s examine each of these circumstances more closely. If you are [...]

Five financial steps to take when a loved one passes away.

When a loved one passes, it is often an emotional and chaotic time. Unfortunately, it’s also a time when you may be called upon to make a number of weighty financial decisions. Would you know what to do if you found yourself in that situation? If you’re not certain—or would just like to make sure [...]