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The Best Piece of Advice For New Parents

Becoming a parent and having a child is one of the most amazing and terrifying experiences to go through, especially when it is the unfamiliar territory of your first child. When I became pregnant at 20 with my first daughter, I was scared. Scared to tell my now husband, to bring life to the world. [...]

8 Things That New Dads Might Not Know About Birth

Yet another great post by our friend Mike AKA Sunshine Dad.  For mothers and fathers alike, childbirth can be a great mystery, full of surprises. We like to think it's a fun adventure, although some parents might disagree...What do you think?

SIDS: Perspective and Prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, is every new parent's boogeyman. Everyone is afraid of it, but there isn't much generally agreed on information regarding it. According to much of the recent research on SIDS, its actual occurrence is thankfully on the decline. However, we like to say that the devil is most dangerous when [...]

Maternity Leave: How to plan your pregnancy

Having a baby is a grand journey and mighty task on its own.  Sadly, in the United States both maternity leave and paternity leave can often be an added pain - especially when you're only expecting the expected.  Pregnancies don't always come as planned, which means that taking time off should be something that you [...]

Baby Blues: Keep your emotions in check as a new parent

The "Baby Blues" aren't just a comic strip - they're also a common emotional problem that affects roughly 80 percent of mothers during the first week after childbirth. Having a baby is an intense emotional and physical experience that drains hormones and can cause imbalances in your chemistry; it's no surprise that it can make [...]

Keep Your Baby Healthy with 5 Easy Steps

The arrival of your baby will bring countless new changes to your life. You'll sleep less (if at all), you'll spend more time at home, and you'll have a new "number 1" to look out for. While there are plenty of other ways your life will change, many of which are for the better, there [...]

Babyproofing: Make Your Home a Baby-Proof Fortress

  Babyproofing is a top priority for all new parents. By "babyproofing," I'm referring to getting all hazardous objects out of the tiny yet inquisitive reach of those little grasping fingers. Even visiting friends with a baby should set off the babyproofing sirens in your head - hide those wires, and can that cat food! [...]

How Becoming a Parent Changes Your Relationships

I've been thinking a lot lately about how my relationships have changed ever since my husband and I had our first baby, Claire.  I'm not just talking about my relationship with my spouse, but with my other family members and friends as well. For the first week or so after Claire's birth, we had visitors [...]

When you Just Can’t Breastfeed…

As a new mother I wanted nothing more than to provide for my baby. I'm sure that other mothers and fathers can agree that being able to support your baby and give them what they need is immensely satisfying. Being there for your baby and helping them grow into a child, then a toddler, and [...]