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Kids And Screen Time: What Does The Research Say?

As parents, most of us rely on the television from time to time. After all, it’s a babysitter that doesn’t charge or raid our pantries. And kids are more than happy to abide: from a stroll down Sesame Street to the latest Disney movie, TV is certainly entertaining for little eyes. Of course, screen time [...]

Breastfeeding Made Simple!

Anyone else find the title of this book ironic? Personally, I found breastfeeding to be anything but simple. All throughout my pregnancy people would ask “are you going to breastfeed?” to which I would reply “I’m going to try”. (Side note: It’s crazy how being pregnant somehow gives everyone in your life permission to give [...]

Do your best, hope for the best

The title of this piece may be the most powerful and succinct parenting advice that I have ever heard and it came from my own mother.  And it wasn't directed at me (for a change).  I don't have to ask her for advice; she gives it freely and without solicitation!  It is usually correct, but some days [...]

Maternity Leave: How to plan your pregnancy

Having a baby is a grand journey and mighty task on its own.  Sadly, in the United States both maternity leave and paternity leave can often be an added pain - especially when you're only expecting the expected.  Pregnancies don't always come as planned, which means that taking time off should be something that you [...]

Maternity leave: how to get the most out of your time off

Blog post about maternity leave: Yellowbrick.me collaborates with various experts from numerous fields to provide the community with quality advice, information and valuable resources.  We hope that this information will incite parents around the world to participate in discussion.

Does your kid demand immediate satisfaction?

Here is an awesome blog post  about immediate satisfaction by one of our partner bloggers, Marylynne Shwartz. How often does your kid demand something, saying "I want it NOW!"?   We know that she can't be the only one.