How to teach a child to interact with police

With all the police brutality in the news, your child might be getting the wrong idea about police. Therefore, when meeting a uniformed officer, your child might be reacting the wrong way. Even if they don't show it, your child can feel fearful and anxious around a police officer.   I know that as a [...]

Teaching Kids to Appreciate Police Officers

Let's face it, raising kids has never been an easy feat. Especially now that we are amidst the Information Age.  Children hear about currents events on social media, through repetitively televised news sources, and even classroom discussions at school -- all on a level I dare not ponder. Children today are exposed to an unprecedented amount of 'adult' issues. As [...]

All Worries Are NOT Equal

Lately, as parents in this nation, our lives have been littered with news reports on police brutality. These reports are often biased in one direction or another based on the source of our news. There are those staunchly on the side law enforcement, unable to see any other solution than 'the police are always right, [...]

The News Is Not the Whole Truth

Although it seems, at least in the United States, that the only thing you hear about is how horrible, unfit, and extreme police are, it's important for the youth to understand that these are anomalies. Police brutality is NOT the norm. The news will seldom record the deeds of the good guys, who serve and [...]

Explaining Police Brutality to Children

In the wake of recent events the issue of how to explain police brutality to children has become a very relevant topic. Parents are often hard-pressed to inform their kids why some police are considered bad, while at the same time making their kids understand that not all police are abusive. There are many different [...]

How LiveKind Brings Police and Communities Together

Over the course of the last decade, watching the news has required an increasing amount of courage from the American public in general and parents in specific. Between the school shootings that occur with frightening regularity and the violence perpetrated by some police officers on the populace they were supposed to protect, there seems to [...]

Teaching your child how to interact with police

When your child or teen is involved with police officers, things can be bad if they weren't taught how to interact with police from an early age. This can lead to a child being arrested or other penalties should the child do the wrong thing in the presence of a police officer. In order to teach your [...]