Talking to kids about Donald Trump

The 2016 Presidential race is something that has managed to turn into something very nasty. It is leaving kids, parents, and teachers watching in horror. With all the childish antics going on, this race is proving to be upsetting to many families across the nation. But exactly how should parents explain the debacle to their children?   Talking to [...]

Teaching Children to Respect Different Political Views

It it quite common these days to hear conversations all around you about politics and our government. It can be especially difficult when young children begin to hear it without having some sort of clear understanding. Sure, the schools will teach and talk about a few ideas or topics dealing with politics, but how much can you [...]

The Dream Act: Discussion Points for Families

The United States Dream Act provides conditional residency and, after several requirements are met, permanent residency. The acronym DREAM stands for Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors. This act was developed to aid undocumented immigrants, minors, who find themselves alone and without anyone to watch over them. Initiated in 2001, the act has sparked [...]

Top 4 questions kids have about the presidential election

The United States is going through a nasty presidential election – one of the most infamous in our country’s history. This is certainly one of the most politically charged periods most of us have lived through. As good parents, we must stop and think about the election’s impact on children. Here are 4 popular questions kids [...]

My View of Trump’s Effect on Families

First off, if you disagree with me...that's fine. The point of my post is to get a debate started that will ultimately help improve our families. My opinion on Trump:   The US is going to experience a disastrous four years of ruling if Donald Trump becomes the president. And the current politics will leave [...]