Ways to Help Your Child Cope with Racism

Children mostly experience racism in school. It can take any form, with the most common being physical threats, name calling,teasing, being excluded, and cyber bullying targeting ethnic/racial differences such as cultural practices. Racism can have long-term effects on a child -- thus it’s a necessity for parents to address the issue. Below are some ways [...]

Parents, Talk to Your Children About Racism

A song in the musical "South Pacific" makes a powerful statement about racism, "You've Got to Be Taught." The overall message is that children are not born with racial hatred or even bias, it is something that is taught by parents and elders. In my opinion, this is absolutely true. Growing up as a white [...]

Racism – How to Approach a Difficult Conversation With Your Kids

There are many topics when it comes to your children that can seem terrifying to have, or in better terms, quite difficult to approach. Of course, as they get older, it doesn't become any easier, but sometimes beginning to speak with them about these taboo topics at an earlier age can be beneficial both to [...]

How to Talk to Your Child About Racism

When approaching the subject of racism with your child it is important to remember that popular culture may promote specific types of racism and if you leave it too long to begin talking with your child they may be exposed to massive amounts of racism that will warp their view because it is seen as [...]

How to Explain Anti-Muslim Discrimination to Your Child

Kids today do not have the same prejudices or the same fears to worry over as past generations did. There are still issues that touch everyone throughout the world and concern all races, but in the present day and age they have become far different than ever before.   Racial discrimination once gripped the country [...]

A Parent’s Guide to Coping with Racism

Unfortunately, racism is still one of those things that people have to put up with. This is not something that should still be going on, nor should it have ever happened at any point in history. However, the truth is that it can and does happen. Worse yet, when it happens to children, it can [...]