Dealing with Loss of Libido

Loss of libido can be difficult for both partners in a relationship. While sex isn't everything, it’s a very big part of feeling closeness and intimacy with your partner. Loss of libido can be something a man or a woman suffers from. It can be caused by certain medications, depression, child birth, emotions, menopause, or [...]

The Sex Talk: Advice for Parents

The biggest fear many parents have is watching their child’s life become altered by having a child of their own. There are so many different things that go through a parent’s mind like “What did I do wrong?” or “How could I prevent this?” The sad reality is that many teens want to experiment and [...]

Risky Sex: Communication Tips for Parents

You already know that as a parent, you will have to deal with things like teens and sex. How do you talk to your teen about the dangers of engaging in risky sex? There are only two certainties when it comes to this topic. The first is that this is not going to be the [...]

Talking to Your Teen About Sex

Talking to your teen about sex is one topic that many parents feel uncomfortable discussing. It can be difficult and embarrassing, but it is important that you address your concerns and their questions so use these helpful tips when doing so.   Address their questions If they ask a question and you are unsure of how [...]

Sex after childbirth: how to keep close with your partner

Sex after childbirth can be a tricky endeavor.  Those of us who have tried to have a go in the sack after the miracle of childbirth know all too well that it can be less than magical.  For those of you who are about to broach the subject with your significant other, know that all hope [...]