Expert advice for parents of children who participate in sports

Does your child participate in sports? If so, you’re a “sport parent” and you’ve probably already seen those outrageous YouTube videos of parents behaving badly at youth sporting events. The Yellowbrick.me community wants to know more about the science behind sport parenting and so we interviewed two experts in this area -- Chris Harwood, PhD [...]

The importance of playing sports as a child

Many children don't join a team when they are little, so by the time they are in high school they miss out on a lot of things that could have been learned earlier. They may not even want to join a team in high school as they could feel intimidated by not knowing how to [...]

My 5 year old wants to get into soccer. Advice needed.

Hey everyone, my 5 year old is interested in starting a sport and soccer is first on his list. I used to play a little in high school but I'm so out of the loop. Does anyone know of any good resources that can help us get our child into the sport? And I know [...]

Let your kids be themselves

As a parent it is so easy to try to push our beliefs on our kids, to try to make them like the things we like, do the things we do (or did). How many parents want their kids to play sports because they themselves played sports? How many parents expect their kids to follow [...]

Parenting through Sports

 I’m a football guy, through and through.  I live, eat, and breathe football.  You can probably tell by my account name & profile picture.  To me, my love of sports presents both an opportunity and a dilemma – should I push my son to enjoy football, let him just speak up if he wants to [...]

Thinking of taking the family camping.

Sometimes its nice to read the stories of those families who have already experienced it and hopefully learn a few tricks that might make the journey a bit more enjoyable. Here's a story from Globetrotting Mamita who recently went with her family on a two-week family camping trip in Oregon.