Surviving the Summer with Kids

The countdown has begun, and we are down to days, now, until the begin of summer! Teachers and students are walking around with an extra bounce in their step while parents everywhere have slumped in the recliner…enjoying the last of their freedom. Three months of "I'm bored," and "what are we gonna do today?" Take [...]

How to occupy your kids this summer

Summer vacation can often times spell panic for parents because they have to figure out a way to keep their kids occupied during that time. There are A LOT of activities out there and some of them cost money.   Many parents enroll their kids in sports type activities so kids can meet other kids [...]

How to Keep Your Children Entertained During the Summer

Summers can get long. For parents. If you are someone who has children and who finds it hard to keep those little ones happy and entertained all summer long, then the summer can be tiring for you and you can long for its finish. There are things that you can do to keep your kids [...]

Beat the Summer Boredom Blues with Hulafrog!

It's not yet in EVERY area of the country, but it is in many. How I wish there had been a Hulafrog.com in my area when MY kids were little (they're now almost 12 and 15). Hulafrog is a go to parent resource for fun, kid-focused and family-friendly events and activities in the local area. [...]