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Talking to kids about Donald Trump

The 2016 Presidential race is something that has managed to turn into something very nasty. It is leaving kids, parents, and teachers watching in horror. With all the childish antics going on, this race is proving to be upsetting to many families across the nation. But exactly how should parents explain the debacle to their children?


Talking to kids about Donald Trump


Here’s a word to the wise: Your children are examining you far more closely than they are Donald Trump. Please be aware of that. The Trump factor can be dealt with in a way that is good and positive. What children interpret about what is right and wrong doesn’t come from Donald Trump, per se. It comes from their parents.


Children are a reflection of their parents’ beliefs and actions. Kids notice who their parents admire and who they loathe. Kids aren’t watching Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Marc Rubio, or even President Obama on how to act. Children are more looking to see just how their parents will respond and act to Donald Trump’s statements and actions. So, with this said, do be positive when you talk to your kids about Donald Trump. Tell your kids that there are lots of people who may not agree with Donald Trump’s politics or decisions on things. Nonetheless, he is still a person, just like anyone else. He believes what he is doing is right and one has to respect that for what it is. Because, after all, we are all human and are subject to be wrong. Even if, we think we are right, and others think we are wrong. Some of us have to learn to be able to disagree without actually being a big meanie head. Donald Trump is just a man. And just like any man, he can make mistakes — we are all open to making mistakes. That’s the lesson kids should take away from the conversation when you talk to them about Donald Trump.


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