//Talking to kids about gun rights and gun control

Talking to kids about gun rights and gun control

There are questions that your children will have for you at various points in their lives, and those questions might not always have the black and white answers that you want to give your children. There are going to be times when your children will hear about crimes that are committed with guns, and in those times your children might wonder about gun control laws and gun rights. Your child might feel that everyone should get their guns taken away or they might feel that everyone should arm themselves with guns. Your child might be scared of guns. Make sure that you take the time to explain your beliefs in regard to gun control and rights as you talk to your child.


When you have a child who is curious about gun control, take time to look at the laws with them and to talk about why various laws are in place. Ask your child if they feel that such laws will protect those that they are meant to protect or if they will actually bring about harm. Allow your child to have their say and do not discredit the things that they share. Your child has an innocence that you left behind long ago, and that innocence will color their answers in one way or another.


When you are talking to your child about gun control and gun rights, make sure that you discuss the fact that guns can be used correctly when they are in the right hands. Make sure that your child knows that not every gun owner is going to bring about harm with their gun. Talk about how certain individuals will be violent no matter what weapons they have on hand, and that certain individuals will not be violent even when armed with guns. Let your child know that it is not the gun that is the issue, but the one using it.


— J. Dando

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