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Talking to Teenagers About Alcohol

When it comes to raising teenagers, there are a lot of challenges that you have to face. This is especially true when it comes to talking to teenagers about alcohol. It is so difficult because you want to protect your child. You know that they are not quite ready to be completely on their own and make all of their own decisions without your guidance, yet you are giving every effort to allow them to strike out on their own and find out who they are. You know that they will never be ready to be a responsible adult if they are not given the opportunity to make some decisions. Unfortunately, this opens the door for them to make some very big mistakes, largely because of peer pressure and the desire to be accepted by other people their own age.


Teenagers and Alcohol

When it comes to alcohol, teens often feel like they won’t be accepted if they don’t drink when someone offers it to them. Even the best kids make mistakes and this is often one that is made on an impulse, a decision that happens in the moment that may not be reflective of who that individual really is. That doesn’t change the fact that it could land them in serious trouble or allow something even worse to happen.


Talking to Teenagers About Alcohol

The best thing you can do is talk to them directly and make sure that they are aware of the risks. Ultimately, you have to give them the knowledge and then allow them to make their own decisions. Pressuring them or creating rules that are so restrictive they are almost suffocating will likely only make them more likely to drink instead of guiding them away from it. The most important thing is that you create a culture within your home that allows them to know they can talk to you and admit the mistakes they have made. This gives you both the chance to talk without keeping a lot of secrets from each other.

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