Talking to teens about body image

It is definitely a tough situation for a parent to see their child struggling with body image issues. It’s even harder talking to teens about body image problems. First you may want to figure out where these issues are stemming from. Is your child simply comparing themselves to their peers and images on TV and feeling like they don’t add up or are they getting bullied into thinking that they are not good enough the way that they are? Either way, the message you need to send is that they are unique and that everyone is different and special in their own way. Show them many examples of body shapes and sizes and people that have been successful according to who they are and not what they look like.


Get them into hobbies that let them concentrate on becoming a whole person and not just focusing on their looks. Joining clubs, teams or groups can help them gain many areas of self esteem such as teamwork, leadership qualities and confidence in their abilities. They will make friends through a bonding experience that is substantial and not superficial in nature.


Have them tell you what they like about their friends and what they think their friends like about them. Positive words and self images go hand in hand. Your child may never see themselves in the same light as you but with a little help they can concentrate on the areas that they like about themselves and not on those that they do not.